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Title:The Blood Alligator
Release: 2019-11-15
Runtime: 83 min.
Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller
Stars: Jenna Wang, Chen Zeng, Xu Zhang
Overview: Frenzy Giant Crocodile" tells the story of the scientist Chen Jing who learned that the fiancé was attacked by a giant crocodile and resolutely joined the expedition. However, the initiator of all this is the boss of the fiance. In the position of protecting the environment and ethics, Chen Jing fought against the evil forces and eventually won the victory. The film mainly shows the choice between scientists in the face of illegal scientific research and personal ethics. The protagonist Chen Jing has always stood firm and determined to draw a clear line with illegal behavior, to protect the environment and fight against evil forces, and ultimately to defeat. The villain protected the experimental results.

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